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He would never have dared to dream that one day David Weber would be compared to Helge Schneider or Rainald Grebe. And it was the right decision: so far nobody has compared him to Helge Schneider. But he really is a crazy dog, and David Weber is, if we may quote his parents: a disappointment. But look, it did happen: David Weber was compared to Helge Schneider. It didn't come off well, but still!

Wait a minute, the clever ones among you will say, but who wrote this text? Wasn't it David Weber himself?

Yes, but you know, David Weber doesn't make the music for the smartest birds among you, but for those with the biggest heart. Where it is still human. His neighbor recently moved out because he always got terrible fits of crying when he heard him sing and play the piano so emotionally, it was so sad and beautiful. But he can't understand the lyrics through the walls! And that is the crux, because Weber's work is characterized by the "abstraction and change of context of completely irrelevant topics" (Weber 2019: "My life, a gift. Now I unpack").

David Weber made his first appearances on poetry slam stages. In 2018 he became German-speaking runner-up in Zurich, and in 2020 he won the Bielefeld Cabaret Prize. Shortly thereafter, he was compared to Rainald Grebe for the first time.

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