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Reading with Çiçek Bacik, Rosaria Chirico, Serkan Deniz and Koray Yılmaz-Günay

From the mid-1950s onwards, the so-called guest workers made a significant contribution to the social, cultural and economic upswing in Germany and at the same time had to struggle with racism and discrimination. However, their stories and perspectives remain mostly invisible and untold to this day - or are exploited. Now their children and grandchildren bring to life the working, living and living conditions of the time and talk about reaching and crossing all kinds of borders: between generations, countries, languages and people.

The authors of the “Daughters and Sons of Guest Workers” group work as journalists, teachers, political activists, educational consultants, scientists, lawyers, etc. They are involved in the open authors’ group , which Çiçek Bacik, together with Ferda Ataman, founded in 2015.

They read their texts in museums, theaters, educational and political institutions in ever-changing compositions. During the readings, they show photos from their own family albums, bringing a generation onto the stage whose voices have often remained unheard to this day.

Çiçek Bacik is co-initiator of the Daughters and Sons of Guest Workers. She studied modern German literature and French philology at the Free University of Berlin and at the Sorbonne. In 2012 she did her doctorate on Turkish television channels in Germany. She works as a primary school teacher in Berlin.

Rosaria Chirico studied German, philosophy and Romance studies in Düsseldorf and Berlin. She is freelance. Writing trainer and coach and works in a Berlin educational consulting facility, where, among other things, she advocates for the integration of migrant women into the labor market with appropriate qualifications.

Serkan Deniz studied German and English at the Technical University of Berlin. He is a “black metal listening, satanist-influenced agnostic Buddhist with a Muslim background”, project coordinator (Cultural Relations) and festival organizer (Heavy Metal). He works as a teacher in Berlin.

Koray Yılmaz-Günay is co-head of the office of the Migration Council Berlin e.V., an umbrella organization of almost 80 migrant self-organizations. He also works in political education and as an interpreter and translator. At the end of January 2015 he founded the Yılmaz-Günay publishing house.

  • admission free
  • Reading in spoken German
  • Wheelchair access

The reading will be filmed and later published on the website

The exhibition “Collecting anti-racist struggles – an open archive” on the first floor of the museum is open to the public before the reading.
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Meeting point: Roof floor (5nd floor)

Price info: Admission free