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7 years ago, the Datteltäter proclaimed the Satire Caliphate on YouTube. 520,000 subscribers and 125 million views later, they are now bringing their live program to the stage.

But what awaits you on September 15 at the Wühlmäusen , is more than the live version of a YouTube channel. With music, stand-up, Q&As, talks and more, the Datteltäter present you the crème de la crème of the Muslim creative scene in Germany - what do you call that? Variety Show with Everything? Kanak Cabaret?

No matter what you call it - get ready. For new perspectives and thought-provoking ideas, for jokes with bite, for humor with heart. An evening that plays with stereotypes, condemns prejudices and builds bridges. Inshallah.

  • Featuring Younes Al-Amayra, Marcel Sonneck and many more
(Program in German)

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