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A musical journey through the desert, across the sea to the South Pole and back to prehistoric times, with the most beautiful songs and stories from Theater JARO. Musical theater play with the most beautiful songs from Theater Jaro for children from 2 - 7 years.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Das Theater JARO Liederprogramm: Von Dinos, Seehunden und Kamelen
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The musician Anton retells in an original, musical-theatrical way some stories (see title) of the theater Jaro, after Niki, the cheeky flap-mouth character, draws pictures to the songs on a large board, so that the children can not only hear the songs, but also see, and interactively intervene in the stories.

Thus, with accordion, drum and flute, a large blackboard and the funny character Niki, an atmospheric piece is created, in which even the youngest will enjoy.