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a Christmas story by Ulrich Hub

Two sheep, super cute and cuddly, alone in the field in the middle of the night: there is no sign of their shepherds anywhere and a strange star shines in the sky. What does all this mean? Definitely nothing good.

If it weren't for this rumor about the little girl who was born in a nearby stable and would later save the world. In order to get an idea of the situation for themselves, the two sheep go on an adventurous night hike, during which their courage and friendship are put to the test.

“The Last Sheep” by the award-winning children's theater author Ulrich Hub tells the Christmas story unconventionally and humorously from the perspective of the two sheep - with a lot of love for the outsiders and fearful ones among them and us. A Christmas play for the whole family!
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Participating artists
Ulrich Hub (Autor/in)