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The introverted musician Mr. Bonsch doesn't get along very well with his neighbor Ms. Kobald. He has always ignored your threatening letters about his unkempt lawn. But one evening she stands in front of him, pale and petrified. Her husband must have forgotten her birthday and now he is lying dead at the bottom of the stairs. He should actually call the police, but the distraught Ms. Kobald begins to talk about her unhappy marriage. Maybe this fall could be made to look like an accident?

A comedy with a lot of black humor in which two lonely people slowly get closer to each other.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Kristina Böcher (Bühne und Kostüm)
Christian H. Voss (Regie)
Fred Apke (Autor/in)
Janina Hartwig (Frau Kobald)
Sebastian Goder (Herr Bonsch)
Harald Effenberg (Herr Kobald)