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Permission to Land 20th Anniversary Tour

It is indisputable: The Darkness are one of a kind. In their uniqueness, the band around Justin Hawkins has established itself as one of the most popular and influential British rock formations. Their debut "Permission To Land" (2003) immediately climbed the British charts and reached platinum status.

When The Darkness talk about their career as Britain's flashiest glam rock band, they tell a story full of ups and downs.  The past two decades have been tumultuous. Formed in the early 90s in the county of Suffolk, The Darkness have always defied the odds and won the rock n roll victory long ago with a fighting spirit and will to survive.

Firmly believing that rock n roll must be loud, The Darkness make blistering guitar rock with screeching vocals that give the band an untouchable recognition factor.

Their wild live shows brought them a fanatical fan base. Exuberant and boisterous, in typical rock manner, The Darkness celebrated the peak of their career at the same time. After an interim band breakup three years after their debut, the glam rockers celebrated the big reunion in 2012 with their comeback album "Hot Cakes".

Risen like Phoenix from the ashes, they have been active again since then and released three more studio albums. Now they are coming to Berlin in November on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their debut "Permission to Land".

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