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Born and raised in the capital of the GDR, the only thing that distinguished Gretchen and Bibi from their fellow men was their foreign appearance. Their African fathers had studied in East Berlin to build socialism in their home countries.

The darker skin colour did not play a role for the children themselves; it was only through external perceptions that they were constantly reminded that they were different.

Contrary to the official doctrine of international solidarity and friendship between peoples, they tell in authentic testimonies how they dealt with the subliminal and sometimes open racism they experienced as children and young people in the GDR.

With the help of songs, photos, diaries, Stasi files and bizarre self-confessions, they shed light on their childhood behind the anti-fascist protective wall.

  • Bibiana Malay
  • Grit Diaz de Arce

Date: Saturday, 25.11.2023
Time: 20:00

Location: Theater unterm Dach (TuD)
                  Danzigerstr. 101, 10405 Berlin

Tickets: 5,00 € - 15,00 € (+ VVK fees)

(Program in German)

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