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Australian electro-folk band Dandelion Wine return to Germany for the first time in five years with a new album and a brand new lineup.

Combining old folk instruments (lute, dulcimer, bell cittern, violin, flute) and Persian frame drums with electronic beats and textured guitars, Dandelion Wine have made their mark all across Europe, Australia and Japan with numerous tours over the years. Their new album Hereafterfeatures a stringer emphasis on medieval instruments and lyrics and highlights the balancing of acoustic and electronic that is at the core of their sound.

The new lineup features: 
Naomi Henderson: vocals, flute, recorder, electronics 
Nicholas Albanis: lute, dulcimer, bell cittern, guitar 
Georgie-Brooke MacLucas: violin, vocals 
Phil Coyle: tar, bendir, tombak, aludu

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