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A singing stage Between Husum and Oberhausen, millions have already fallen into their pockets, and at last they also rock the capital: two or three dozen women with lioness power, compelling eroticism and determined steps celebrate life, love and beautiful sound in the voles.

Nothing can stop these ladies!

DamenLikörChor 2020
DamenLikörChor 2020 © Thomas Rusch

And so that with all the excitement, something like consience is at least feigned, two guys with good education and frilly, a piano and a baton are on board. This combination works wonders. Two men who go to the ladies' hands, one or other transparent drink for the vocalists, and it can start. These singers will blow you away. The ladies' liqueur choir roars the voles with crisp song material and voiced audiences - and sings (almost) everything in German thanks to the choreigen text forge! Moody ballads over land and sea, conciliatory farewells and last nights await you as well as temporeiche chorhits over favorite football clubs, Hamburg districts and naughty spouses. The life insurance department explains: Learn the benefits of body shaping clothes, use holding loops for relaxation, and found a club!
Men, watched: The beautiful stranger from Messina, Aleppo or Wedding sits in the audience - and can look forward directly to a chic new place. The Hamburg Ladies Liqueur Choir looks fantastic, sings engelsgleich and will accompany the one or other singing performance with fearless dancing. On good days they even succeed in synchronizing.

  • Chorus: Dietmar Loeffler
  • Am Piano: Jörg Hochapfel

(Program in German)

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