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zur Ausstellung „Elektrisierend! Galvanoplastische Nachbildungen von Goldschmiedekunst“

Today, 3D printing revolutionizes many things; more than 150 years ago, the invention of galvanoplasty, the reproduction of three-dimensional objects by electrochemical means, did so. The direct comparison between originals and replicas makes it possible to highlight the similarities and differences. During the tour, you can learn background information about the presentation and details about the respective perspectives from the curator:in.

  • 7.5.2023 - Dipl.-Rest. Wibke Bornkessel, Dr. Claudia Kanowski
  • 11.6.2023 - Dipl.-Rest. Wibke Bornkessel, Dipl. phil. Lothar Lambacher
  • 10.9.2023 - Dr. Claudia Kanowski, Dipl. phil. Lothar Lambacher
Participation is free of charge, please book an entrance ticket at the time of the event.

Please note the current information for visitors during the Corona pandemic valid on the day of the event.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Meeting point: Kasse Schloss Köpenick

Price info: Teilnahme kostenfrei mit gültigem Eintrittsticket plus admission