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Of a yearning for death and a zest for life

Johannes Brahms began composing his third piano quartet in C minor at the age of 22.  Twenty years later, after several reworkings, he finally sent the work to his publisher Fritz Simrock for publication in 1877 with the words: "You may put a picture on the title page, namely a head with a pistol in front of it. Now you can get an idea of the music! I will send you my photograph for that purpose!"

Peter Heidrich
Peter Heidrich © Lorenz Seehofer

Born in Dresden in 1935, Peter Heidrich already had a long career as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician, and professor of violin behind him when he increasingly shifted his musical focus to composing. Heidrich's compositional work is characterized by humor and witty wit. His piano quartet, written in 2002, skillfully combines various musical styles into an enjoyable and entertaining whole in a very small space.

Werkstatt B has been dedicated to chamber music in various instrumentations since 2019.

  • Johannes Brahms. Piano Quartet No.3, C minor, op.60
  • Peter Heidrich, Piano Quartet 02
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