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Wiebke is a Berliner based in Todmorden. She works in the multicultural metropolitan, but lives in a small English town. She enjoys her life in the green hills of Yorkshire, but when she returns to Berlin her heart beats faster. Where does she belong? And what is ‘home’?

In this autobiographical piece of theatre, Wiebke Acton (ensemble member of Globe Berlin since 2019) describes her life as a cultural nomad. Honestly and humorously interweaving original and favourite songs, personal writing, improvised dialogues, and poetry, Wiebke talks about being pulled between two worlds, about thinking in one language but speaking in another, about curious encounters with alien traditions, and the deep longing for the city of Berlin - which is the same, but not the same, as that childhood paradise in her memory.

(Program in English)

  • Performers: Wiebke Acton, Philipp Myk, Hannes Buder
  • Direction: Cast and Mathias Schönsee / Music: Cast and Bernd Medek / Costumes: Quing Sun

Funded by Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung.

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