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Portuguese oboist Luís Marques, German bassoonist Franz Jürgen Dörsam and Serbian pianist Savka Konjikusic met in Lisbon as soloists of the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and the Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa. They have worked for many years in a large cosmopolitan society with musicians of different nationalities, which allowed them to perform intensively in the field of chamber music and concerts all over the world. After many years of experience in chamber music, they founded the Trio Cremeloque.

"The oboist and bassoonist of the Lisbon-based Trio Cremeloque refute the prejudice of the superiority of string ensembles in virtuosic and expressive playing, supported by the refined musicality of pianist Savka Konjikusic." Frits van der Waa, Volkskrant 2015

The CremeloqueTrio's repertoire includes both lesser-known works and their own arrangements of piano trios, which thereby acquire a new sound and musical identity.

Anna Vitorino d Almeida
- Pequena fantasia ao postigo, op. 79

Ludwig van Beethoven
- Trio, op. 11

Tiago de Sousa Derriça
- Andante Pesante

Eurico Carrapatoso
- O eterno feminino em Peer Gynt
- Anitra
- Solveig
- Ingrid

Astor Piazzola
- Oblivion
- Primavera

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