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The world's most successful Swiss comedy show comes to Germany: STARBUGS COMEDY are the high-flyers of the Swiss show scene and the world's most successful Swiss comedy show. From New York to Tokyo, the three comedians have played their way into the hearts of the audience. Their new program "CRASH BOOM BANG" is refreshing, crazy and tremendously funny!

Starbugs Comedy
Starbugs Comedy © Starbugs Comedy

Under the direction of Nadja Sieger "Ursus&Nadeschkin" a brilliant spectacle has been created, which almost manages without words. Comedy on a new level! The laughing muscles are in constant use. A Feelgood-Show, as it did not give it so far yet.

Now Fabian Berger, Martin Burtscher and Wassilis Reigel are on tour in Germany with their comedy show "CRASH BOOM BANG". The name is program. Starbugs Comedy really let it rip. They play with everything they can get their hands on. And these are not just clichés. Like living cartoons, the comedians jump, dance and ride through their sketches, stopping at nothing except the break.

The three Swiss danced at many weddings, occasionally with fake ladies. One minute on the dance floor, you find yourself in the Wild West and the next second on a big concert stage again. If you want a red thread for this journey, you have to bring it yourself. But you don't need it.

Director: Nadja Sieger (Nadeschkin)

(Almost without language)

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