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Lachlan Rose, singer of cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird sets the tone with his voice. He is mischievously reminiscent of a bright boy, only to sink into sad melancholy the next moment. When Rose sings, you believe him. It's good that singer Lachlan Rose put together the perfect band with Francesca Gonzales (vocals/keytar), Matthew Hayes (bass), Peter Simonsen (guitar/percussion), Oliver Whitehead (saxophone) and Nick Reid (drums).

The Australians have released three EPs and three albums so far. Most recently, the album "Smiles Of Earth" was released last summer, with which they earned a reputation as one of Australia's most innovative, entertaining and authentic bands.

Their story began in 2015. Rose regularly met up with some friends for a weekly pop-up performance, and before long he was writing his own songs for the debut EP. "Queen Of Hearts" was released in 2016 under the name Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird, which comes from a film dialog from the final scene of "American Beauty".

Cousin Tony draws inspiration from different corners of the musical spectrum. Roxy Music is not only a reference because of Rose's voice, electric-orchestral sound structures are reminiscent of British NewRomantic bands of the 80s, but the full arrangements push the sound to ever higher levels. Describing the impact of the latest album, Rose herself said: “Peacefulness and a positive perspective inspired us throughout the recording process and they wholeheartedly embodied the spirit of the album. In a word, this album was written to make you smile.”

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are coming to Berlin in October.

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