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»Coming back from your beautiful house, // The one in the quiet street of the pheasants // Shines far into the spring air, // With its towers and balconies …« wrote the author Theodor Fontane after the opening ceremony of the St. Lukas Artists’ House in the spring 1890. Fasanenstraße is and was a literary subject.

She was also mentioned by Gabriele Tergit, Tanja Dückers, Franz Tumler, Alfred Kerr and many others. However, it was and is also the place of residence of numerous artists and authors.

The "Courage" tour runs through Fasanenstrasse from the south to the north. There are encounters with pheasants, but also with many courageous people who, for example, were involved in the early days of the women's movement in Germany or who hid a young Jewish woman during the Nazi era.

With Sebastian Januszewski

Duration: 1.5 hours

Meeting point: Under the plane tree, Fasanenstrasse / corner of Hohenzollerndamm

(Program in German)
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