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Big drums, self-made bagpipes, imaginative garments with leather, fur and metal rivets. CORUVS CORAX combine historical music with modern fantasy elements. They experiment with different cultural sounds and unusual instruments. And this music inspires people all over the world. Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer brought the band to compose music for "Ironclad". Their bagpipes and drums can be heard in the BBC documentary "The Crusaders" as well as in the computer game "Dragon Age". And the producers of the most successful TV series of all time, "Game of Thrones," were so impressed that they invited the band to play live on the set of the series during filming.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

In 2022 they started their new band project "Corvus Corax Era Metallum in collaboration with guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö (KREATOR, WALTARI).

More than just medieval music - Berlin dress warmly!

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