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Performance by Alejandro Rodriguez & Dana Sánchez-Graham

Artists Alejandro Rodríguez (Mexico) and Dana Sánchez-Graham (USA/MX) perform a dance theater piece, using cumbia rhythm to showcase their skin marks as constellations.

They delve into tales of love, revolution, and segregation that happened when the border between Mexico and the United States was built. “Tell me if the same wounds have pierced us.”

Additional information
Alejandro Rodriguez

Mexican performer and stage director who uses performance to rediscover his origin. He works with playfulness and irony to make its context's complexity visible. Each new project allows him to generate empathy and energy that questions the establishment.

Dana Sánchez-Graham

Dana is an eternal dance of transformation; a product of diverse origins; a distinct thread within the tapestry found on the US-Mexican border. My purpose lies in deconstructing the fronteriza identity, venturing into the obscure and transformative spaces where dispossession, geography, ritual, and the shadows of violence coalesce.

Lide Martínez is a Spanish actress. Her strong interest in a theater has led her to approach performance art from different areas and styles. She lives in Berlin, where she continues her education at Arthaus.Berlin.
Participating artists
Alejandro Rodriguez
Dana Sánchez-Graham
Lide Martinez
René Gamez