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The big question is: How do you honor a life? (Alexander Zeldin) 1958. A school prom in provincial Australia. Three young girls. One of them, Alice, wants to make the jump, wants to get out of the small town of her childhood and study. Wants to leave the simple, narrow circumstances of her parents' home behind. But her first attempt at university fails and she has to return to her old life. Her mother suggests that she should get married instead, because she can only really be secure with a husband.

In “The Confessions,” British director and author Alexander Zeldin explores the story of an Australian woman against the backdrop of the 20th century with an Australian-British ensemble. Based on conversations he repeatedly had with his mother and companions, he creates a panorama spanning almost eight decades from her “confessions” and in large, quiet tableaus: Born into an Australian working-class family in 1943, we experience Alice in hers Youth, her pursuit of education and independence, her rebellion and stumbling, her new beginning as a divorced woman in London and the founding of her own family.

Your journey takes you through the major social upheavals of the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Their story is one of personal and collective emancipation, the persistent attempt to live a life of self-determination - with all the traumas and humiliations experienced along the way, which Alexander Zeldin empathically weaves into an intimate portrait of a life.
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