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The concert series with ArtSalon continues and has invited the ensemble "musica responsa". The three musicians will perform "Windsbräute", a literary-musical homage to "unheard-of" women with poems from the period between Fin de Siècle and Belle Époque and music by unknown female composers - presented, performed and "played" by Waltraut Elvers (violin), Inga Sander(violoncello) and Heidemarie Wiesner (piano).

"Ich wollt' ich wär' des Sturmes Weib" (I wish I were the wife of the storm) - this is the poem by the poet Anna Ritter, born in 1865. Who still knows her today? Who knows Elsa Asenijeff, who died in Saxony in 1941 and was one of the founders of literary expressionism in Leipzig? And who knows the painter and poet Hermione von Preuschen or Marie Madeleine von Puttkamer with her erotic poems, which were even considered pornographic in dusty salons?

Some wind brides ended up in the madhouse, one made it to queen. Today almost all of them are forgotten. Only Ricarda Huch, who initially only dared to go out with the male pseudonym Richard Hugo, may still be ringing in some people's ears.

In a musical reading, the now unjustly silenced voices of these wind brides will be heard again.
Passionate, dramatic, romantic, despairing, humorous and satirical poetry, recited by the artists and framed and played with works by well-known and unknown female composers.

Music by Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel, Lilli Boulanger and Vally Weigl, among others, and improvisations by the musicians cut a swathe through the poetry, forming gentle transitions, abrupt interruptions and mirror-image repetitions. The sounds lend colour to the poetry. Their shape, form and movements continue in sounds and open up new associative spaces for the listener.

  • Language: German

Admission: 6:30 pm
Admission is free.

In cooperation with ArtSalon.