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What is it like to live in a collective with artificial intelligence? This online performance lets the audience create a commune in the digital realm, inhabiting a specially developed virtual platform for a two-hour duration.

In this HAU co-production, Interrobang – known for its participatory approaches that playfully explore digital technology in theatre – are testing the potentials of cohabitation and experimenting with hybrid forms of community.

The human participants can express political goals, hopes, and expectations of communal life as the AI makes suggestions on how to implement them. How does the AI deal with typical communal conflicts about distribution of funds, cleaning schedules, ownership, power issues, and jealousy? How can the profit-oriented and often discriminatory structures of AI be made transparent and rectified?

While the audience explores these questions, Friedrich Greiling from the Berlin synth-pop duo Mittekill will provide the sound for their temporary home, which can be entered with any web browser.

Additional information
Participating artists
Interrobang (Konzept)
Selma Böhmelmann (Von und mit)
Julia Espindola (Von und mit)
Florian Fischer (Von und mit)
Lisa Großmann (Von und mit)
Christiane Kühl (Von und mit)
Till Müller-Klug (Von und mit)
Nina Tecklenburg (Von und mit)
Florian Fischer (Creative Coding)
Manus Nijhoff (Creative Coding)
Friedrich Greiling (Musik)
Jürgen Fehrmann (Grafik, Animation)
Julia Elger (Grafik, Animation)
ehrliche arbeit (Produktionsleitung)
Sandra Klöss (Produktionsleitung)
Tina Ebert (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)
Selma Böhmelmann (Social Media)