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The Humboldt Forum has a long and eventful history, which is evident at every turn. Since the Middle Ages, the rulers have presented themselves here and resistance against them has often been formed here. A place that can be viewed from different angles.

Bunte Paläste
Bunte Paläste Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

The guided tour brings together a curator of the "History of the Place" and another expert who has dealt with the history of the place and the Humboldt Forum building in their own way. In tandem, they present their very individual view of the site and its significance, thus making different perspectives comprehensible and tangible. In this way, the tour encourages visitors to reflect on and discuss images of history and the representation of the past.

The team of curators will take turns on the dates. Each curator invites another expert and thus sets thematic priorities.

- For families and children from 3 years
- free of charge
- Book your ticket online or in the foyer
- Languages: German, English
- 180 minutes
- Visitors can join and leave at any time

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Our tip: Find good stories in good books, visit the shop at the Humboldt Forum, onsite or online! Then enjoy a good coffee and more in the Schlüterhof or the rooftop restaurant.

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Humboldt Forum: Werkräume
Humboldt Forum: Werkräume
Humboldt Forum: Werkräume