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Performers between the ages of 8 and 80 with and without disabilities and with different stage experiences form the new Club Thikwa ensemble. In their first piece with the working title “Invent Me” they research artificial intelligence.

What is intelligence anyway? What makes us human and what differentiates us from algorithms today and tomorrow?

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Yolanda Althöfer (Mit)
Tilda Lusena Ash (Mit)
Jasper Dombrowski (Mit)
Ida Ewald (Mit)
Alexandra Heimberger (Mit)
Ursula Kießlinger (Mit)
Ferdinand Kuner (Mit)
Francesca Rose (Mit)
Janis Schindler (Mit)
Clara Schoeller (Mit)
Kanon Uchihashi (Mit)
Saskia Neuthe (Regie)
Blandine Casen (Videoinstallation)
Paolo Migali (Sounddesign)
Max Edgar Freitag (KI-Stimme)
Heike Braitmayer (Kostüm)
Isolde Wittke (Bühne)
Saskia Neuthe (Bühne)
Catia Gatelli (Bühne)
Christoph Wüst (Technik)
Eric Scheller (Technik)
Holger Duhn (Technik)
Catia Gatelli (Regieassistenz)
Amelie Herrn (Regieassistenz)
Alessandro Rossi (Regieassistenz)