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In view of the climate crisis and limited resources, a change in lifestyles and economic practices is essential if all people want to achieve and maintain a good and safe life. The event on the topic of “Transformation” will examine the dynamics of change, obstacles and opportunities from different perspectives.

What can and should we as consumers do to protect the climate? - Prof. Dr. Felix Creutzig, (MCC Berlin)

What are the important social factors for a successful transformation? -Dr. Eduardo Gonçalves Gresse (CLICCS)

What steering effect can investments have in relation to change? - Kristina Jeromin (GSFC)

What are the complex relationships between democratic processes and climate protection? - Michael Zürn (WZB)

What challenges but also opportunities does the change towards more sustainability bring to companies? - Discussion with Yvonne Jamal (Jaro Institute), Katharina Reuter (BNW), moderation: Caspar Dohmen

The event is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Global Engagement.

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