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Dorothy Parker was one of the best-known New York critics of the 1920s. Her wit was legendary, her biting sarcasm feared. In her short stories, she tells of a fast-moving New York, where people do everything they can to keep up with the fast-paced city. In her stories she creates a unique balance between the brave and the shabby, the yearning and the mendacious, ruthless, cheeky and witty.

Claudia Michelsen brings these honed little text jewels into the present. She slips into the different roles with virtuosity, making the sympathy of a best friend underpinned with poisonous self-righteousness or the desperate verbal dry run of a married couple who have nothing to say to each other almost physically palpable.

Even if the time described by Parker has passed and the self-confidence, especially of her female protagonists, differs greatly from that of later generations, they all recognize one another: the lifelong longing for love. The hopes and disappointments that come with it, the pain. The struggle for independence. Being driven in a time that no longer seems to know any gaps or rest periods.

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