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In a varied program, the two musicians span a wide range with works from the classical and romantic periods to contemporary compositions, pop and jazz. Original pieces, stylish transcriptions and improvisation go hand in hand.

Rolf Most, Stuttgart hymn choirboy for 10 years, singer in the Maulbronn Chamber Choir for 30 years, plays saxophone and flute and has played with these instruments in various symphony orchestras, in the Baden-Württemberg State Wind Orchestra, as well as in big bands and jazz combos.

Thomas Meyer, singer and choir director, organist and pianist, is a multiple prize winner of the Württemberg state competition for church service organ playing and performs in various groups such as the ensemble Mixtur a tre, the vocal ensemble DeCantata, the vocal ensemble Quartsext and the vocal ensemble CantArt.

Rolf Most, tenor saxophone; Thomas Meyer, organ play works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Zsolt Gárdonyi, Matthias Nagel and others.

Admission: Voluntary contribution 6,- to 10,- Euro