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songs from Clara Schumann's world

The composer Clara Schumann is one of the most dazzling personalities in music history. Many of her contemporaries set a musical monument to her by giving her their own works as gifts.

Among them were names that have been forgotten today, such as the composer Josephine Lang, but also stars like Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. Musical dedications had an important social function back then, comparable to a “like” on Instagram. Was Clara Schumann a 19th Century Influencer?

In a lecture concert, the young ensemble trio pontes - consisting of the mezzo-soprano Anna Schors, the pianist Paul Heller and the musicologist Maria Behrendt - brings Clara's cosmos to life: insights into correspondence and diaries, fictional dialogues and well-known and unknown songs give insights into the musical World of Clara Schumann.

Works by Clara Schumann, Pauline Viardot, Robert Schumann, Carl Banck, Carl Geissler, Josephine Lang, Johannes Brahms

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