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Two exciting, contrasting neighborhoods in Neukölln.

The Schillerkiez has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in northern Neukölln. One reason for this is the immediate vicinity of Tempelhofer Feld (formerly Tempelhof Airport site).

The adjacent Rollbergkiez is a purely residential area that was built on as early as the 19th century. After a total demolition, it was completely rebuilt in the 1970s.

The tour will end on the grounds of the former Kindl brewery.

In this tour we will get to know the diversity of Neukölln in terms of architecture, social structure, traffic planning.

The city guide Reinhold Steinle has been leading tours through the neighborhoods of Neukölln for 15 years now.

Tickets: 10 euros per person, reduced 7 euros (students, ALG II).

Duration: 90 minutes.

(Program in German)

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Reinhold Steinle