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performing new pieces by Nick Dunston and Ignaz Schick.

Circuit Training is an ensemble pool of musicians/sound artists/composers/instrumentalists who come together once or twice a year in Berlin for a dedicated working phase discussing, rehearsing & performing different concepts and compositions by the different ensemble members culminating in a concert or a public recording session.

The pieces brought in by the individual participants in diverse formats such as graphic scores, concept scores or verbal instructions or traditional notation.

Stylistically, the musicians come from a wide range of backgrounds and scenes including (free) jazz, new improvisation, electroacoustic music, noise, contemporary music, Echtzeitmusik or sound art, ...

The ensemble was deliberately put together in a very contrasting way, both in terms of content and instrumentation, in order to bring divergent experiences and playing attitudes into the process and into the music. The attempt is to have representatives of different contemporary Berlin music scenes in the ensemble in order to create discourse and crossover. Our concert programs to date have been correspondingly rich in contrast.

Since 2013, the ensemble has been successively expanded year by year from 5 to currently 12-15 permanent members and a substitute pool of currently about 5-10 musicians.

Over the years, an idiosyncratic ensemble sound and a very unique way of working have developed in the ensemble. A strong feature of the ensemble is that each member can participate as both interpreter and composer.

The artistic direction also explicitly encourages and supports ensemble members to step forward with their ideas and contribute to the work phases as composers with their own concepts and ideas. Circuit Training celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023 with two new programmes and a comprehensive retrospective box set that will be released towards the end of the year.

Circuit Training XV is a production of & kindly supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa
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