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Kaleidoscope puppet theatre

Cinderella is exploited by her stepmother as a cleaning lady, humiliated and banished to the kitchen. When she wants to go to the castle to dance, her stepmother gives her so much work that Cinderella almost despairs. However, the doves help her get through the work and give her a beautiful dress.

Fairy tale based on the Brothers Grimm

  • Stage: Andrej Ludwig
  • Puppets: Anatoli Schirin, Vera Pachale
  • Text, direction, play: Vera Pachale

Date: Thursday, 08.02.2024
Time: 16:30

Location: Library at the water tower
                  Prenzlauer Allee 227-228, 10405 Berlin

Registrations under: or 030 90295-3921

(Program in German)
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