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For the whole family

The play theater is a special form of theater play, in which an experienced actress tells a fairy tale and slips into the various fairytale characters and roles. It's time again: Christmas is coming, and one of the most beautiful stories in the world is played in our theater.

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte Mitspieltheater
Die Weihnachtsgeschichte Mitspieltheater Foto: Marion Martinez

How was it really at the time? Who has encountered Maria and Joseph in their search for a stay? And have the shepherds really just followed a star?

All these questions are answered in our funny and touching version of the Christmas story and the children even have the opportunity to be part of the story!

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Johannes Galli (Autor/in)
Michael Summ (Komponist/in)
Marion Martinez
Rainer Eckhardt
Thomas Matuszewski
Sina Haarmann
Heidrun Jahn
Harald Diesner
Rebekka Corcodel
Galli Theater Berlin
Galli Theater Berlin