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Hl. Familie mit Zacharias, Elisabeth und Johannes, um 1522

On the right of Signorelli's tondo is the meeting of the two pregnant women Maria and Elisabeth. On the left you can already see her sons Jesus and John with their fathers. How can such a multi-scene image, which suggests the “wrong” reading direction, be explained?

Speakers: Dr. Kristine Patz, Berlin, and Pastor Dr. Ulrich Schöntube, Berlin

Participation free of charge.

No registration needed.

The interdisciplinary event series "Christian Image Contemplation" takes place every last Thursday of the month - except for the summer break - and is a cooperation between the St. Matthäus Foundation and the Picture Gallery of the State Museums in Berlin. According to the calendar of the church year, selected images are discussed and put up for discussion by an art historian and a theologian.
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