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Christine Westermann, award-winning journalist and bestselling author, enjoys great trust among a broad audience with her book recommendations. It is impossible to imagine her life today without books; for her, they are windows into a foreign life. Yet her path to books was not a natural one, rather an obstacle course. Elegantly, honestly, and with wonderful self-irony, Christine Westermann tells how she found her way to books - and in the process embarks on a captivating journey through time into her own family history, which is marked by fractures.

Christine Westermann
Christine Westermann Privat

Christine Westermann would like to have a library with a ladder. So that she can get to the books in the top row. The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann from her parents' shelf, which she still hasn't read. Which books did she grow up with, and which are still closely linked to her life today? Why did reading play only a small role in her life for so long? in her life? Why did she fall out of all the clouds when she was asked if she would like to make book recommendations for the radio? How do you write a recommendation and why should it never be a review?

Christine Westermann writes about the desire to read. And closely related to that, about curiosity about the lives of others. With her new book, she offers a glimpse into her own life. And into the many books that appear in it.

(Program in German)

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