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This retrospective exhibition features works from the Dame di Cartone, 1503, Carte, Voyages Extraordinaires, 1406 and Circesque series. Based on the title The Photographic Craftsman, the exhibition of more than 40 works focuses on the craftsmanship of Christian Tagliavini.

His creative gift for creating haunting portraits of another time and imposing visual worlds beyond our imagination is not only evident in his photographs.
For in addition to Christian Tagliavini's photographic works - including world-famous major works as well as new ones - the extensive exhibition also includes clothes, hats, sketches and elaborately produced props that Christian Tagliavini made himself and used to create the photographic works.  Thanks also to the impressive design of the exhibition rooms and the special curating, the works of Christian Tagliavini unfold a lasting impact.
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Opening hours:

Tuesday - Saturday
11 - 18 h