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Christian O. Hilles debut concert

Christian O. Hille is one of Berlin's most talented, thoughtful, funny, multi-instrumentalists. He has brought the imperfection to perfection and always manages to produce an earworm. Old 68ger, sailor, cab driver.

PORTRAIT Christian Otto Hille
PORTRAIT Christian Otto Hille © Karsten Scharschmidt

Children know him from the Atze Theater Berlin, insiders from various Kreuzberg formations of the 80s. The crew of the Brotfabrik has managed to persuade him to make a solo debut on stage. This is what he writes about himself:

Cheekily improvises Chr-O.Hille (piano, vibraphone, sequencer) out of badly furnished rooms and quotes some greats of music or jazz history - he sings not always seriously meant and sometimes still means it seriously.
Brotfabrik Kino