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The Allied Museum invites families to take a tour of the permanent exhibition

We cordially invite children, parents and grandparents to a journey of discovery through the permanent exhibition. Common and unusual objects are shown: a boxing glove, a chocolate parachute or a spy tunnel. In any case, the stories that are told around these exhibits are exciting.

You will learn interesting facts about the occupation of Berlin in 1945 by the four victorious powers. The focus of the tour is the history of the Berlin Airlift. Together with your children you can marvel at a raisin bomber from the inside and outside. The division of the city can be experienced by the children on a piece of the Berlin Wall. The tour in the footsteps of the western powers ends with the withdrawal of the armed forces in 1994.

Again and again references are made to the world in which the children live. Inquiries are expressly desired. Parents and children have the opportunity to talk to our speakers.

After the one-hour tour, the children paint a parachute, which they then weigh down with a piece of chocolate and fly from the plane.

The dates for open and free family tours in German can be found in the calendar of events. If you would like to book a guided tour on your desired date in German, English or French, please make a booking request.
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