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A widely celebrated genius of the Japanese underground Tatsuya Yoshida is at the centre of a number of projects that overflow with cascades of sounds and indomitable drums.

There are often touches of electronic explorations with explosive melodies that are both compelling and ingenious. A true hero of the japanese creative music scene Tatsuya Yoshida is currently touring Europe with his duo Cho-Sokkyo – a collaboration with Berlin-based guitarist and daxophonist Kazuhisa Uchihashi. 

Defiantly original duo Witch 'n' Monk combine Mauricio Velasierra’s radically electrified Latin American flutes, with Heidi Heidelberg’s jazz-punk guitar/bass and anarchic soprano vocals. The music travels seamlesly from structured arrangements to wild improvisations, using a myriad of control pedals and labyrinthine signal paths to orchestrate live. The essence of their collaboration is encapsulated in the name; dark/light, feminine/masculine, punk/Romantic. Creating contrast is fundamental to their work and thus they tread upon the edges of genres. Celebrated in jazz, contemporary classical and DIY music scenes they have played prestigious venues and festivals such as the Royal Festival Hall, Berlin, London and Umea Jazz Festivals and Paris' La Cigale. Their latest album was released on John Zorn's legendary Tzadik Records in 2020 to critical acclaim. It was named Contemporary Album of the Month by The Guardian and received the prestigious Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik.

Fluid Form Club #4:

Cho-Sokkyo Duo x Witch 'n' Monk

Cho-Sokkyo Duo Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins) & Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Altered States)

Witch 'n' Monk - Radikal manipulierter Flöten-Sound, anarchischer Soprangesang, analoge Elektronik | Radically manipulated flutes, anarchic soprano vocals, analogue electronics
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