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André Charlier poisones his wife Eve. At the same time, the resistance fighter Pierre Dumaine is shot. While alive never having met, Eve and Pierre know get to know each other in the realm of the dead. Now they became mere spectators of life: they can’t move anything, change anything, feel anything.

Das Spiel ist aus
Das Spiel ist aus © Arno Declair

However, they fall in love - and get a second chance. To realize their love, they may come back to life, on one condition: to trust each other fully for 24 hours. But Pierre tries to stop his comrades from a planned assault, and Eve wants to protect her sister from her husband. They squander their chance and return to the realm of the dead, this time for good. In his screenplay from 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre has allowed himself to play a game. Nevertheless, his text is more than just a dalliance: The story about death still raises questions about life. In a society in which revolutions are only followed by new dictators, in which joy is frowned at and there’s no time for feelings - where's is the difference between the living souls and Sartre's dead? Do you have to lose your life in order to understand it? And can this knowledge make a difference in the end?

  • By Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Director: Jette Steckel
Additional information
Participating artists
Jette Steckel (Regie)
Florian Lösche (Bühne)
Pauline Hüners (Kostüme)
The Notwist (Musik)
Mark Badur (Musikalische Betreuung)
Volker Wendisch (Musikalische Betreuung)
Alexander Bunge (Video)
Anika Steinhoff (Dramaturgie)
Judith Hofmann (Eve)
Ole Lagerpusch (Pierre)
Alexander Khuon (André Charlier/ Eves Vater/ Tanzender)
Birgit Unterweger (Lucette/Straßensängerin/Dame [für Barbara Heynen])
Natali Seelig (Madame Barbezat/Renaudel/Regent/Tanzende)
Elias Arens (Der Greis/ Dixonne/ Lucien Derjeu)
Sarah M. Lauks (Marquise/ Assistentin des Regenten/ Rose)
Till-Jan Meinen (Offizier/ Terrorist)
Ray Reimann (Tonmeister)
David Behnke (Statist:innen)
Margitta Azadian (Statist:innen)
Mohammed Azadian (Statist:innen)
Valentin Pinto Leivas (Statist:innen)
Deutsches Theater Berlin