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Create your own Gropius Bau exhibition

The three-year project Kinder kuratieren_Takeover (Children Curate Takeover) enabled Berlin schoolchildren to take the path from art production to an independently curated exhibition. In the family workshop for this exhibition, they plan their own show! What do they want to show? What should it look like? What can they do there? What do they need to think about? Who has to help them???

Gropius Bau von außen
Gropius Bau von außen © Christian Riis Ruggaber

They design their own exhibition for children and adults, one as they wish. They look at what they have to pay attention to - and thereby also change their view in and of exhibitions themselves.

With Kolja Kohlhoff. The family workshop is for ages 7 and up.
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Meeting point: North vestibule

Booking: Ohne vorherige Anmeldung.