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Der Vagabund (1916) und Der Einwanderer (1917)

Pianist Camille Phelep will join violinist Mark Kagan in playing two of Camille's original film scores, which she composed specifically for these two films. Association Running Images e.V. & Metropolis Orchestra

The Vagabond (1916)

25 minutes

The Vagabond, Chaplin's third mutual film, was an important step in Chaplin's career in which he weaved pathos as an integral part of the comedy. The Vagabond is in fact the prototype of The Kid (1921) and The Circus (1928). The Vagabond relies less on pure comedy than Chaplin's earlier works. The story begins with Charlie the Tramp walking into a bar, playing a violin to raise money and starting a rivalry with rival musicians. As he approaches a gypsy wagon in the countryside, he meets the beautiful, if ragged, Edna.

Chaplin's direction demonstrates sensitivity and restraint in dealing with the melodramatic material. Chaplin's portrayal shows great warmth and depth. Traits of The Vagabond appear in many of Chaplin's later films. The Vagabond clearly shows Chaplin's development of the film elements that Chaplin would use throughout his career, particularly the mix of comedy and drama.

The Immigrant (1917) - 23 minutes

In this film, which is well worth seeing, Charlie Chaplin takes up the topic of immigration to the USA and (supposedly) shows typical scenes from a transatlantic ship voyage. The film begins on the deck of a steamer: The two main characters, played by Chaplin and Edna Purviance, get to know each other while the passengers with the inexpensive tickets share a meal. Afterwards, Chaplin is the type of poor European immigrant who plays cards with other men while the female protagonist returns to the deck to her mother. The sleeping elderly lady is robbed by a fellow traveler. The tragicomedy begins.

With the parodic exaggeration of the nameless vagabond, Chaplin succeeds in capturing the interpersonal relationships in this precarious situation for migrants: friendships and enmities with other travelers, relationships with the ship's staff or the immigration authorities.
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