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Like any language, music follows rules that we often understand without knowing exactly what they are. Selected works by Purcell, Bach, Mozart and Schubert are used to show how themes such as suffering and redemption reach the audience through musical forms.

Deutsche Oper Berlin
Deutsche Oper Berlin © Leo Seidel

With their chamber music series, the musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra fulfil a wish: inspired by productions from the opera programme, they put together concert programmes with works that are close to their hearts. The concerts take place in the stage sets of the respective current Tischlerei production.

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Participating artists
Musiker*innen des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Ensemblesolist*innen der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Magdalena Makowska (Programmgestaltung)
Manon Gerhardt (Programmgestaltung)
Isabella Homann (Programmgestaltung)
Deutsche Oper Berlin - Tischlerei