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organ music and song

In 2022, the music world celebrates the 200th birthday of the French composer César Franck. As an organist at various Parisian churches and a good improviser, he founded a new French organ school. His success as a composer developed only after his death.

PORTRAIT Jana Reiner
PORTRAIT Jana Reiner Ev. Kirchengemeinde Alt-Pankow

The program includes "Grande Pièce Symphonique" op. 19, FWV 29 and the charming pieces for Noël (Christmas) from the collection "L'Organiste".

An introduction to the life and work of César Franck will be given by Axel Körner, Professor of Modern Music History at the University of Leipzig.

  • Soprano: Jana Reiner
  • Organ: Dr. Rudite Livmane
Introduction - Prof. Dr. Axel Körner

Works performed:

Cesar Franck
"Grande Pièce Symphonique" op. 19, FWV 29
Pieces for Noël (Christmas) from the collection "L'Organiste

A warm welcome! Admission is free. Donations for church music are welcome.
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