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Riddim of Joy and Resistance

Europe's largest dance festival around Afrodiasporic culture is being held in Berlin for the sixth time, this year from October 18th to 22nd, 2023. The CDC Festival has made a name for itself for its authentic and original concept, where artists from Africa , the Caribbean and the diaspora come together to create a unique vibe and inspire people from Berlin, all over Germany and Europe.

Under the motto "Riddim of Joy and Resistance", visitors have the opportunity to learn from an international line-up of fantastic dancers at the Culture Dance Camp. In the Culture Dance Clash Battle you can either take part yourself or cheer on your favorites from the scene. At the Culture Dance Performance Night, artists from Berlin, Germany and all over Europe will present their art on stage.

As a special highlight, the CDC Festival will present the dance theater piece “Afrikan Party”. It is an ode to Africa, a celebration of its diverse and unique cultures, and tells the story of African lifestyle, music and fashion from the perspective of a child from the United States of Africa.

The organizers MINCE e.V. attach great importance to combining cultural and political education at the CDC Festival. Participants have the opportunity to obtain information and exchange information in awareness-raising and empowerment sessions, to broaden their perspectives in a conference and to visit the exhibition. The CDC Festival is not only a highlight for dance enthusiasts, but also for the whole family.
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