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Puppet theater from Prague

"ČBRŠK" is a trip to post-Soviet countries, to the periphery of life, where the belief in a bright future has been extinguished.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: ČBRŠK
© Semen Koulikov

-who are you?

-i don't know.

-you don't know at all?

-no, not at all.


Crocodile is playing tic tac toe with himself, a strange creature is wandering around clumsily, kicking smashed plastic bottles and considering questions of self identification. In the spirit of disappointments they are trying to get rid of boredom together. They are building a House of Friendship out of old cassettes, carpets and their fragile believes. Who will come to the festive opening?

“ČBRŠK” is an excursion to post-soviet countries, to the periphery of life, where believing in bright future failed. Instead of this came an era of stagnation, mood which is so far still the same. It is an ironic social drama, which shows delicate nuances of marginal life, deepness of sense of hope and hopelessness. By playing with absurdity, personal experiences and nostalgia, PYL is transforming meanings of daily situations.

The performance is inspired by aesthetics of Belarusian and Russian back- and courtyards and the phenomenon of the so-called “utilities-art” (“ЖКХ-арт”). This term is used for the direction of a contemporary municipal attempt to decorate yards by using various cheap materials.

“ČBRŠK” is an adaptation of a famous soviet children’s story from 1966 about a lonely crocodile and an unknown animal, which became one of the most popular characters of the whole country.
Additional information
PYL is international group of artists, based in Prague. PYL is working on the borders of object theatre, visual performance and sound art, dealing with materials and their qualities, paying close attention to the object, which becomes full right part of the performance.

PYL supports and develops DIY ideology, working with recycling principle and aesthetics of poor art, using raw materials, ready-mades and even fruits. Collecting things is an integral part of creating that influences dramaturgy.
Participating artists
Maria Komarova (BLR)
Svetlana Silich (BLR)
Anna Romanova (RU)
Semen Koulikov (RU)