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castle and park walk with castle manager Petra Reichelt, SPSG

Give your bike a break and a little deceleration on a walk through Caputh Palace and Park.

Electress Dorothea took over the property in 1671, created an early baroque retreat and a contemporary estate with a vineyard, carp ponds and its own brewery. Much of this time has been preserved, much has changed. King Friedrich I. invited to Caputh to the meeting of the Epiphany, and Friedrich Wilhelm I had the tile hall set up. The castle later became a private residence and, in the 20th century, even a municipal vocational school, where primarily photo and food laboratory assistants and photographers were trained.

The employees on site are very interested in details of the recent history of the castle. Perhaps locals and alumni will share their memories with us over a glass of sparkling wine or seltzer.

(Program in German)
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Price: €10.00

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