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Renaissance music and sustainability

Capella de la Torre focuses on the music of the Renaissance and early Baroque, especially the court chapels of the 16th century. The ensemble has a wide range of musical styles and repertoire, from courtly dance suites and motets to sacred music and folk music.

Renaissance Music and Sustainability

For more than 300 years, human thinking has been shaped by the idea of infinite progress in linear time. In doing so, man draws on nature, which is "there for free", consuming its resources. This is contrasted with the cyclical passage of time of the four seasons: Uninfluenced by man's technical actions, everything begins anew each year with regenerated resources. There is no waste, everything is "recycled" in the natural cycle.
From today's point of view, these two poles have proven to be irreconcilable and humanity must find other ways as soon as possible in order not to completely destroy this planet. To this end, it is worth taking a look at the past: in the early modern era, people had a very close eye on the regenerative capacity of nature and thus their own livelihoods.

The project "4 SEASONS - Renaissance Music and Sustainability" musically illuminates this time and this attitude. Each event is dedicated to a season and the associated regenerative energies on the one hand and the climate consequences of past actions on the other. Renowned scientists and writers will accompany the individual concerts with keynotes and discussion ideas.

  • Capella de la Torre: Birgit Bahr, Old Pomeranian | Annette Hils, Bassdulzian | Yosuke Kurihara, trombone | Mike Turnbull, percussion | Johannes Vogt, Lute | Martina Fiedler, organ | Margaret Hunter, soprano
  • Katharina Bäuml, shawm and conductor
  • dr Jennifer Schulz (University of Potsdam) - Keynote Urban Forest Gardens

4 SEASONS - Renaissance Music and Sustainability

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