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Visit C. Heiland's program and you will see that you will feel better afterwards! Even if you don't really know why. But don't worry, he doesn't know himself. He's just pretending. Why?

Because he can.

You too can complete the »C. Savior 10-point program for those who have been left behind«: At the beginning of the evening you will receive a balloon which, in the best-case scenario, will change your life at the end. How do I learn to communicate better? Am I mindful in life? Am I true to myself? Or rather cheap internet jokes?

If you should ask yourself these or similar questions from time to time in today's world, in which we need substance and content, you've come to the right place. If not, too!

Rough and delicate. Concretely absurd. Stupid and intelligent. Like life. And every now and then a great song on the Omnichord, the instrument that only C. Heiland plays.

Life hurts sometimes - who can help? Your C.!
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