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A warm invitation to the (heated!) Auenkirche, which offers a familiar atmosphere, to the traditional New Year's concert of the BVG Orchestra. There will be a varied program that promises the perfect start to the new year!

The “Emperor Waltz” by Johann Strauss will captivate you, the “Nutcracker Swing” and the “Rhapsody in Blue” will take you into a world full of magic and elegance. Timeless classics by Frank Sinatra or Glenn Miller and more are played. One thing is certain: the BVG Orchestra takes its guests on a musical journey that combines all genres!

There are no tickets. The entrance fee is almost impossible to pay with money is free, but not free. But everyone has to promise to at least think about making a donation.

The orchestra is looking forward to starting another year full of musical magic with its audience!

BVG Orchestra, conductor: Yukari Ishimoto; Moderation: Bianca Demschik

Admission is free, donations are welcome!
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