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Small fine late summer festival in Großziethen

How about a hearty taste experience in late summer? Then you should definitely visit the charming late summer festival "Brotzeit and Pumpkin Feast". Here you can expect crispy bread, homemade lard and various delicious aromatic garden butter variants, delicious farm muffins and an autumnal aromatic carrot cake.

JayCos and Mattiesson cordially invite all gourmets, art lovers and nature fans to Großziethen to take part in this special festival. The event will start on Sunday 17th September at 11am lunchtime.

Freshly prepared breads with various flavored butter creations are offered. In addition, there is a selection of handcrafted one-offs and individual pieces for the garden or the cozy home.

Treat your taste buds to delicious, uncomplicated fare like bread and salt, butter and lard, accompanied by summery flowers and herbs. And the highlight is a velvety, creamy pumpkin soup that harmoniously captures the taste of autumn.

Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of Kunsthof Mattiesson and enjoy the last days of summer. Laugh and chat in good company and let yourself be seduced by the hearty delicacies.

The late summer festival "bread and butter and pumpkin soup" offers the ideal setting to escape from everyday life and to celebrate life and the simple joys such as sociability and enjoyment to the fullest.